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Upcoming events

Cancer Awareness-March 29th
Senior Day-May 20th

2024 Season Record 17-18
Conference Record 3-6

2023 Season Record 11-24
Conference Record 3-7

2022 Season Record 9-27
Conference Record 4-6

2021 Season Record 16-22-1
Conference Record 4-5-1

Little League Baseball Game

Senior Night

May 24th

April 6th

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Jackson NW


W-7-1, W-11-7

April 9th 

Location: V-H, JV-A

Opponent: East Lansing

Time/Result: W-7-0,


April 12th-Posponed

Location: V-H JV-A

Opponent: Lansing Catholic

Time/Result: 4:00

April 16th

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Williamston

Time/Result: L-12-7, L-13-6

April 18th

Location: V-H, JV-A

Opponent: Ionia

Time/Result: L-4-1,


2024 Season Schedule

April 23rd

Location: V-H, JV-A

Opponent: St. Johns

Result: L-3-12, L-1-11

April 25th 

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Eaton Rapids

Time/Result: L-7-6, W-10-9

April 27th-Varsity Tournament

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Parma Western Tournament

Time/Result: L-4-3 To Norrix, L-10-8 Western

April 29th

Location: V-H, JV-A

Opponent: Eastern

Time/Result: W-16-1, W-11-2

Cancer Awareness

May 2nd

Location: V-H, no JV

Opponent: Charlotte

Time/Result: W-5-2, W-3-1

May 4th- Tournament

Location: V-Portland, JV-Charlotte

Opponent: Multiple

Time/Result: Portland-L-7-5, Aviators-W-3-0

May 6th-CANX

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Holt

Time/Result: 4:00

May 7th

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Mason

Time/Result: L-11-1

May 9th-CANX

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Portland

Time/Result: 4:00

May 11th-Coldwater Tournament

Location: V-A Coldweater

Opponent: Multiple

Time/Result: Grand Rapids Christin W-4-1,

DeWitt W-4-3,

Coldwater W-19-11

May 14th

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Fowlerville

Time/Result: L-0-1, W-6-1

May 16th

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: Waverly

Time/Result: W-5-3, W-8-2

May 20th

Location: V-AH JV-A

Opponent: Okemos

Time/Result: L-0-12, L-1-7

Senior Night

May 22nd

Location: V-A, JV-H

Opponent: DeWitt

Time/Result: L-3-4, L-10-14

May 28th

Location: V-Home

Opponent: Gull Lake

Time/Result: L-3-8, L-6-11




Time/Result: 4:00

District 63 Williamston - June 1st or May 31st

Location: Williamston

Opponents: Fowlerville, L-2-3

June 5th, 8th

Location: TBD

Opponent: TBD


State Chamionship
June 8th and 15th

Location: MSU

Opponent: TBD


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